Grossing film in 2016: Beautiful Secret Engsub

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    Drama Movie , Comedy , Romance , Youth , Chinese : "Beautiful Secret Engsub 2016" full set 39 episodes high quality full hd , vietsub overs Online .
    Beautiful Secret Engsub Twenty years ago, singer Wang Xuan had a baby out of wedlock and spent all of her money trying to treat her daughter’s illness. But ultimately, Xuan was forced to give up her daughter for adoption and to hide her secret from the world. When Xuan later tries to search for her daughter to no avail, she focuses all of her love on her stepdaughter, Xu Ruo Lin. Meanwhile, Jiang Mei Li is adopted by a family and 20 years later, she accompanies her sister to a singing competition where Ruo Lin is competing to win back her ex-boyfriend, Guan Yi, who is a producer. But Mei Li ends up winning the competition instead and becomes an overnight sensation. Will Mei Li’s stardom help her move closer to the secrets of her past?
    The Beautiful Secret Engsub Movies revolves around the story of Khuong My Le (Victoria) - a girl with an honest personality, optimism and love of life. My Le childhood lived with foster parents loved her very much. Moreover, because health is very weak as a child, so the memories of her childhood was almost vague. Growing up, she casually singing contest and have a chance to become a star outbursts.
    with a sweet love story and romance, along with attractive these situations charismatic, the Beautiful Secret Engsub Online is making craze in views on the small screen in 2016. Invite you to watch movies the "Beautiful Secret Engsub Full HD Movies " Full HD quality on high quality .
    Wish you all have moments of fun watching asian drama and happiness !
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